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Submitting your entries for the Placemaker Awards ASEAN 2021 is simple and completely online. The entry submission deadline is Tuesday, September 21, 2021.
To ensure that your entries are submitted successfully and are given the attention they deserve, here are few items to take note of when preparing your entries.
First, please read the eligibility section and follow the instructions and evaluation criteria to ensure your entries are submitted successfully.
Applicants could download the Entry Form Template to prepare what is needed before the submission opens in January 2020
Please do complete all the details on the Online Form Template provided.
Applicants are required to attach a link for accompanying materials such as photos, videos and drawings in the Online Form Template.
Incomplete submissions will not be evaluated so applicants are advised to double-check their submission before uploading them.
The same user can submit for several projects but only one submission is valid for one project.
Each submission must identify the designated official, owner or representative responsible for submission of the project.
For each submission, all entry details, including company/organisation/individual names and credits are to be included in the project.


Your entry will be judged fairly and objectively, irrespective of budget, scale or resource. The judges will make their evaluation on four key areas. A submission does not have to meet all the criteria but it should meet most of them.
Projects applying for the Placemaker Awards ASEAN 2021 should:
Be open to the public, with projects or initiatives conducted within the last one year and no longer than 5 years (if the goal of the applicant is to show changes over time)
Been used intensively and throughout the year.
Allows for a variety of users and ways to them to enjoy the space
Features space programming that is inclusive
Offers high quality and active space, supported by varied public amenities
Project could be from public spaces to private public spaces
After an initial review, judges may request for additional information from applicants. Once the second round of reviews are concluded, the judges will shortlist 18 finalists who will be notified of their status.
The Placemaker Awards ASEAN 2021 will be hosted on 10th November 2021.


Submissions are to be made from January 2020 to the 15th September 2020.
All work and projects much have been conceptualised and projected from organisations and communities throughout ASEAN that showcases authentic efforts to improve their local communities through the initiation of projects that add to the public realm.
Entrants from the following countries are eligible: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Submissions should be focused on urban public spaces such as parks, plazas, squares and open space formats such as community-serving spaces.
Submissions from private-public spaces are also allowed such as retail and commercial developments that add to the quality of life for surrounding communities.
Applications are open to everyone and can be submitted by public organizations, non-governmental organizations, developers, designers, community advocates, and others.
Applicants must also be the group responsible for driving the placemaking programmes to be it the creation, maintenance, programming and marketing of the public space.


An entry fee must accompany each project submission.
Fees are determined by the type of company or organisation entering the submission,
not by the type or scale of project.
Fees for the Placemaker Awards ASEAN are:
Non-governmental organisations or community groups: USD 50 per submission
Public sector agency:
USD 100 per submission
(Malaysian government agency & public sector bodies can provide a Local Order Form )
Private sector:
USD 300 per submission

Placemaking during the Pandemic:
USD 30 per Submission
(Regardless of Organisation)


Entry fees are not refundable
Nextdor Property Communications & Think City reserves the right, without prejudice, to remove entries from being judged should the organisation or company submitting their entries have a history of non-payment and payment arrears.
The judges’ decision is final.
Should your entry be shortlisted, your entry details found on the online registration form site will be reflected on the awards website, the screen on the night of the awards, trophy (presented on the awards night, should you win) and any other awards-related materials.
The award will consist of 3 finalists from each category. One project will be awarded the coveted Placemaker of the Year award, selected from amongst our finalists.
Please note that after the submission deadline, all details on the entry submission form, including company names, credits and so on, are FINAL and cannot be changed and/or transferred to another party.
Any minor changes made after the submission need to be sent by email to
A finalist needs to be present or appoint a representative to be present at the awards gala dinner in order to receive their trophy(ies) in case they win.